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Tenants Be Alert!

Are you in search of a rental space? Go informed than being blank. As seeking, a good tenant is vital today specially with increased frauds and crimes. Nevertheless, you must have a clear picture of your internal abilities like your rental budget. Here are few tips to assist all tenants seeking a rental space.

Introspect: Start by jotting down your financial expenditures and daily needs. Make a list of all your expenses such as your car payments, phone bills, outing expenses and so on. This will give you a fair idea of money you have in hand and kind of space that you would be able to afford. Further, you can find house on rent via local agents or online at any Property Sites in India.

Have all your documents in place: These days registering with law is must! You must have all your identity proofs such as photo ids, address proofs, credit reports, income tax bills, and previous stay records in place. This will reflect your credibility; help you to get a space quickly and all legal formalities will be done smoothly.

Terms and Policies: Make your owner sit over a coffee and clear each thing clearly. Few key things like:

1) Is non-veg allowed?
2) Are guest entitled to a parking?
3) Are you free to use a parking space?
4) Is electricity, society maintenance charge inclusive?
5) Can you keep pets?
6)  Is there a permit to make primary changes in house fixings?

Do not lie: Always speak the truth when you rent home, as there is a strict background verification done these days. In case any problem; be open to your house owner than falling prey to any difficult situation.

Lastly, do a thorough check of your owners past history and tenants stayed. This will help you to make a right decision.

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