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Real Estate QnA

This section of our post brings in advice for you from expert real estate agents associated with Real Estate Sites in India. This post addresses generic queries / issues pertaining to real estate.

Q. What is the process for leasing a 2000 sq ft land in outskirts of Maharashtra to mobile companies for building network signals?

A. If you are willing to approach directly then firstly make a list of all mobile service providers in your area, then choose one you consider would need such space for erecting towers then indicated them about availability of land on lease. You can always approach real estate agents as they have a network in market and will cater your requirement quickly. In addition, you can do a Real Estate Listing online.

Q. What list of documents should I ask from the seller for buying, verifying a second hand property in Mumbai?

A. Key documents required to be verified prior making a land purchase
1. Title Deed – Signifying right of the person over property.
2. Certificate of Encumbrance – Proves land is free from any legal disputes and obligation.
3. Property Resale Certificate – This is applicable if the present seller has purchased the selling property from someone else.
4. Survey Report – Indicates precise size specification of area.
5.  NIR Property – Ask Power of Attorney.

Q. Looking to buy a property in Mumbai would like to know does the builder charges on carpet or built up area?

A. Going by the government laws, a builder must charge only for carpet area. Sadly, these regulations aren’t followed and builders charge on super built up area.

Q. Will to lease my property, which is the best way to advertise?

A. Look for trending Property Sites in India and list your requirements online where you connect directly with your prospective buyer. All money will come to you, as there are property agents.

Stay tuned for more QnA on real estate next Thursday Chow!

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