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Is it safe to invest in real estate when market is slow?

We tend to look at what others are doing when making our decisions, many people purchase when prices are higher, because everyone else is buying and avoid buying when prices are lower (during slow housing markets), because no one else is buying. Concerns about further depreciation have also kept many people from purchasing homes during slow markets. However, by recognizing the opportunities slow housing markets present prospective buyers can break away from the pack and take advantage of good deals.


Buying during a slow housing market is advantageous for many reasons:

• Sellers often set their asking prices lower than the prices of similar houses that sold months before. Sellers are also often more willing to offer other allowances, such as paying for closing costs, leaving appliances, and doing repairs.
• Sellers are more likely to accept offers for less than the asking prices, unlike during a hot housing market, where you may have to offer more than the asking price to get a house.
• Because it is less likely for homes in a slow market to get multiple offers you have more time to search before deciding whether or not to make an offer. You do not have to make a hasty offer on a house you are not sure about because you are concerned someone else will make an offer on it first.
• There tends to be an increased availability of foreclosed properties, which are usually priced low.

How to know if housing market is slow

How would you know if the market is slow or not? There are several signs to look for. Ask around the neighborhood and see if there are any “Reduced Price” signs on the homes for sale. Look in your local newspaper. If the housing market is slow often the newspaper will write about it. Also, you can look in the real estate classified section and see how many people are advertising a price reduction.

Further depreciation

One of the reasons that many people avoid purchasing a home in a slow housing market is because they are worried the value of the home will depreciate further. Unfortunately, while you can usually tell if a market is slow or not, you cannot tell when the bottom will hit. People who wait for the rock bottom prices often actually wait too long and purchase when prices are on the rise. Further depreciation does not need to be a major concern as you are getting a better deal than many people who have bought before you.

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