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Feng Shui tips for making a new home

Feng Shui means ‘wind-water’ in Chinese is related to good health and destiny. Feng Shui is all about ‘qi’ or flow of energy through space arrangement and orientation.

Many people nowadays first consider feng shui and vastu factors while choosing, buying and moving to a new house.

Feng shui tips for land-form when choosing a new home

Feng shui advocates for square or rectangular land for a house by avoiding irregular shapes. A good vegetation around the land is a good sign. A house having a slightly raised land behind it or a little higher than the land in front of the house is good.

One should avoid a house with sloping land behind it or a land that is on a lower level than the front of the house. There should be open space in the front but more so at backyard. It is better if the left side of the house is a little lower when compared to its right side though flat land at both sides is not bad.

A tall tree or many trees on the right is as good as a raised land. A water body like a lake or river in the front is auspicious but there should be no water body behind the house.

Feng shui tips for entrance of a new home

A house whose entrance is not easily found due to such reasons as irregular or strange structure or even an overgrown garden is not good according to Feng Shui. One should also avoid a house with direct door alignment.

It means, the back door should not be seen straight away when one enters from the front door. It leads to loss of good energy. Front door should be in proportion to the size of the house. A big house with a small entrance is not good as per feng-shui.

Feng shui tips for interiors of a home

A house which gets plenty of natural light is good. The dining room and kitchen should not have bathrooms over them. A bedroom should not stand above a garage, kitchen, laundry room or even an open space. As most of the modern houses have attached bathroom with bedroom, it should be ensured that beds do not share a common wall with the toilet.

A kitchen in the centre of a room, bathrooms having glass wall, walk-in wardrobe without ventilation or behind a bed are not good for people living in the house as far as Feng Shui is concerned.

So before investing in Real Estate you can consider the Feng Shui factors for a peaceful and healthy living.

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